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flowerSoft Silver 2017
In business for over 30 years, flowerSoft Silver has always been the leader in technological advances and customer support.  

Recently FTD decided that we should pay them a considerable amount of money each year to allow our users to send business their way.  Because of this new policy by FTD, flowerSoft will no longer interface with Mercury Direct, something it has been doing since the Mercury 3000 was first introduced.
We will not be forced to charge our customer considerable more money each month so that they can send FTD their outgoing orders.  There are at least 2 other wire services that are not as greedy as FTD and we are happy to offer interfaces with their systems at no cost to our customers.
As of January 1st, 2016 we will drop the price of the multi-user version of flowerSoft to $2999 (up to 10 concurrent users).  This is the same version that sold for $3,995 before this price reduction.
The single-user (1 concurrent user) version that sold for $2,995 will now only be $1999.00.

So if you are not an FTD member or do not need to interface with FTD, this is a great opportunity for you to save almost $1,000.  This offers runs from January 1st to December 31st, 2016.

This is the purchase price, not a rental and you get ALL the same features and capabilities.

The only requirement to obtain this amazingly low price is that you authorize your credit cards through Cayan (formerly Merchant Warehouse) so that your store operations will be PCI and EMV compliant as far as your POS system is concerned.
Don't miss this extraordinary offer to obtain one of the best, if not the best, florist POS systems available anywhere for the lowest price in its 30-year history!!! 
flowerSoft, we'll charge you more if it makes you feel better.
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Some members of the flowerSoft family

The Original flowerSoft Users

Flowers by Bernard
Staten Island, NY

Macres Flower Shop
New York City, NY

Gramercy Park Flowers
New York City/Brooklyn, NY

The original flowerSoft user.  Flowers by Bernard in Staten Island, NY has been using flowerSoft since 1984.
We credid Bernard Silver with the original flowerSoft design.'He is indeed the father of flowerSoft.
Another long-time user of flowerSoft, Macres Flower Shop was at one time located across the street from Carnigie Hall in Manhattan and was frequented by many of the stars who performed there.  Roni Dente and her daughters have been loyal flowerSoft users for over 20 years
Led by Tommy Sakas, this prestigeous flower shop has locations in Brookly's DUMBO district and in the Plaza Hotel.
Another flowerSoft customer that has been with us for over 20 years. 

Allendale Flowers
Allendate, NJ

Town & Country Flowers
Manhasset, NY

Columbia Florist
Bronx, NY

Upscale flower shop in Allendale, NJ managed by Lambros B., one of the most knoleageable flowerSoft users around.
A long-time flowerSoft user located in Manhasset, Long Island.
Robert and Marion have been using flowerSoft for over 20 years.
A flowerSoft user since the early 1990's, Columbia Flower Shop has been a loyal flowerSoft user for over 20 years.

Other Long-Time flowerSoft Users

Amy Kee Floral Design
San Francisco, CA

Artistic Flowers & Home Decour
Lake Oswego, OR

Auburn Florist
Auburn, MA

Brainerd Floral Gift & Bridal
Brainerd, MN


Busseys Flowers and Gifts
Cedartown, GA


Cambridge Floral Design
Long Island City, NY


Carter's Florsit
St. Petersburg, FL


Clarence Walker for Flowers
Portland, OR


Columbia Florist
Bronx, NY


Cupertino Florist
San Jose, CA


Curly Willow Floral
Waconia, MN


Embassy Florist
Clifton, NJ

Florentina Flowers
Pompton Plains, NJ


Flowerama #104
Las Cruces, NM

Flowers by Gerardo
Miami, FL


Flowers, Naturally
New York City, NY


Lincoln, NE


Great Falls Florist
Great Falls, VA


Green a Floral Design Studio
Columbus, OH


Grimsley's Flowers
Clinton, IL


Lindskoog Florist
Minneapolis, MN


Long Beach Florist
Long Beach, NY


Newport Flowers and Gifts
Cedar Rapids, IA


Owens Flower Shop
Lawrence, KS


Park Avenue Floratique
Long Island City, NY


Parkway Florist
Brooklyn, NY


Rafael Florist
Rafael, CA


River Oaks Floral House
Clutch City, TX


Riverdale Florist
Bronx, NY


Riverside Garden
Emporia, KS


Spruce Floral
Boston, MA


Summit Plants and Flowers
Summit, NJ


Sunnywoods Florist
Chatham, NJ


Teaneck Flower Shop
Teaneck, NJ


The Grand Bouquet
Arroyo Grande, CA


The Secret Garden
Devon, KY


The Wild Side Florist
Milford, MA

Treasures to Adore
Humble, TX


Wonderland Floral Arts
St. Petersburg, FL

What Offer for One Low Price
Point of Sale with EMV Credit Card Authorization, Accept Chip Credit Cards, Bar Coding, Cash Drawer Interface and Customer Receipts.
Order Entry with Credit Card Authorization, Work Order and Enclosure Card printing, E-Mail Order and Delivery confirmations.
Occasion Reminders - E-Mail or Send Letters or Post Cards to you Customers.
Customer's Recipient Tracking
Quotations. - Provide cost estimates to customers for wedding or parties and then convert to a sale.
Customer's Product Purchasing Tracking
Inventory Interface
Address Verification
Google and Mapquest Maps
Interfaces with Teleflora's Dove System and Flower Shop Network F2F
Every bell & whistle imaginable.
Generate open item or balance forward statements.
Print on pre-printed statement forms or plain paper.
Generate statements once or two times per month.
Impose Finance or Re-billing charges with a minimum charge ability.
Dunning notices
Keep track of all your clients and recipients.
Keep track of your purchases and payments to vendors.
Recipient history for each customer.
Products purchased history for all customers.
Time clocks that interface with the payroll module.
Keep track of vacation, personal and sick days
Salary information.
Commissioned employees.
During holidays, pay temp drivers by the number of deliveries  made.
Print W-2 and 1099 forms.
Generate route and receipt forms.
Route your deliveries through Google or Mapquest.
Keep track of your vehicle maintenance and registration expiration dates.
Send delivery confirmations with pictures of the arrangements.
Verify that all orders have been delivered.
Complete wedding module with product requirements database.
Produce a proposal and convert to sale when customer accepts your proposal.
Appointments module allows you to keep track of your wedding consultations.
Bill of materias needed.
Client Operations
Recipient Operations
Employee Operations
Inventory Control
Marketing module with occasion reminders feature.
So many available features that it is impossible to list them all here.
No additional fees of any kind except for the quarterly (not monthly) support fee.
Do not miss this incredible opportunity to obtain one of the best flower shop POS systems available for an amazingly low price.
Call 917-797-9144 and request a free web demo.  You will be amazed!

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